How Can You Cultivate a Creative Self? The Five-Part Prescription from THE CREATIVITY CURE

Bruce Springsteen's contribution to the Preface:

Pushing your body, mind, and heart to their limits creates a cathartic "clearing," a "centering" effect in your being, in your soul. It makes you sweat, feel, and think. If you can find something that brings you there, use it. It will bring to your day a richness of experience and a fullness of self.

Creativity is part of you, whether you are an artist, a bus driver, a stay-at- home mom or a professional.

Creativity is important for happiness.

“Closet Creatives” are passionate people with intriguing ideas who can learn to turn inner stirrings into positive outcomes.

The Creativity Cure leads you through a therapeutic, creative process that moves from exploring your mind, to employing your body, to interacting with yourself and others in a positive way.

We believe in pursuing habits that give rise to happiness, thereby creating more opportunities for experiencing moments of joy, inspiration, purpose and meaning.